Property Requests For The Next Calendar Year

  • We take requests to be notified when a property owner has established pricing and availability for their home for the following calendar year
  • Guests who are renting a property in the present year have priority status for the property for the same week in the next year, at the discretion of the property owner.
  • Notification will then be made to those on our request lists with remaining available dates and pricing.  At that point, the property will be made available on a first come-first-served basis and requests for specific travel dates are not held
  • Property notification requests do not guarantee the availability of a property for rent, its rental rate or any specific travel dates. The availability of a property for rent, the rental rate, dates of availability and any changes to the property or its amenities, are established solely by the homeowner.
  • Property notification requests are taken as a courtesy and are not considered binding. The firm make will make its best effort to contact those who have expressed an interest in a property, but notification is not guaranteed. Once the contract for the following season / calendar year is returned from each property owner, the firm can begin to take booking requests for the next calendar year (booking for the following summer usually starts in mid-Fall, but is property specific). All booking requests require approval from the property owner and must be confirmed by the At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC. A vacation rental agreement must be signed.

For more information, please call us: 603-253-9871