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Vacation Rental Policies & Terms

Our rentals range from a rustic cabin on a small pond to luxurious lakeside homes. Because all are individually owned, they are all equipped differently. Feel free to contact us so that we may answer any questions you may have regarding the specifics of your rental property.

Accepted Payments: At The Lake Vacation Rentals. LLC accepts: VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and bank draft, certified checks and cash (cast up to $5,000). Personal checks are accepted if recieved no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.

Online Booking: You will receive a reservation confirmation following your online booking. Your online booking will place a hold on the property for the time requested. However, your booking is not confirmed and your credit card will not be charged until such time as you receive a written Email confirmation from one of our Vacation Specialists. Your reservation may be cancelled with 7 days of the initial booking without penalty. 100% of any fees paid will be refunded to you without penalty.

Initial Deposit: A 20% reservation deposit will be charged at time of booking which is refundable within 7 days of your initial booking date. In addition to the initial deposit, a non-refundable $125.00 processing fee which is subject to NH Rooms & Meals Tax awill be charged. Changes or cancellations made following the 7 day grace period are subject to our Cancelation Policy.

Final Deposit: The remaining balance is due no later than 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival, including the 9% NH Rooms and Meals tax. Please note that your reservation may be cancelled without further notice if final payments are not received within the time frames specified herein. So please, mark your calendar! Your deposits will be retained in a non-interest bearing account.

Accidental Damage Protection: Rather than collect a substantial security deposit from our guests, Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) up to $3,000 is included for all of our properties.  This protection covers accidental damages which may occur to the premises during your rental period; subject to exclusions and limitations.  Any damages that are not covered under the policy will be the responsibility of the tenant. On rare occasions a property may require a cash security deposit. Your reservationist will make you aware of such a requirement. Security deposits, if required, will be refunded within 14 days of your departure, subject to final clean/clear property inspection.

Report All/Any Damages: Upon check-in, but no later than the morning following your check-in date, any pre-existing issue, broken item(s) or condition must be reported to At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC. We will make every effort to correct/resolve the issue as fast as we can for you. If any problems, issues or damages occur during the course of your stay, they must be reported prior to the time of departure to At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC.

Cancellation Policy: No one enters into an agreement without the full expectation of being able to complete it, however cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. All cancellations must be made in writing to At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC.

If you booked your reservation more than 60 days in advance, you have a 7 day grace period, from the execution date of the rental agreement by the guest, to cancel your booking (the executed agreement and 20% deposit are due within 7 days of booking). There is no charge or penalty for such cancellations. After the 7 day grace perod tenant will forfeit the 20% deposit if they cancel the rental.  Once the balance has been paid (60 days prior to arrival) there will be no refunds in the event of a cancellation and tenant will forfeit the entire rental amount UNLESS the property is re-booked for the same time and rate. In such instance all monies, EXCEPT a 20% re-booking fee plus a $50.00 administration charge, will be refunded.

We will make every effort to rebook the property for the same period and under the same terms as your booking. If we need to reduce the rental rate in order to re-book the property, this may be done at the sole discretion of The Firm. If the property is rebooked at a lower rate, 80% of the original base rent shall be refunded to you less the pro-rated difference in the rental amount ultimately received. Any refunds as provided for herein, shall be made within 14 days of the check-in date specified on the original lease.

Checking In/Checking Out: Check in time is on Saturday at 3:00 PM at our office at 60 Whittier Highway (Route 25) in Moultonboro in the Harbor Square Plaza. If you will be arriving later than 6:00 PM please call our office to make arrangements for a late check-in. We cannot provide late check-ins for rentals with a balance due. Remember, we hate to say no, so please do not ask…we CAN NOT give out keys prior to 3:00 PM.

Check-Out time is on Saturday at 10 a.m. It is critical that the property/premises be vacated by this time as cleaning crews will arrive at 10 a.m. They will not clean a home while a guest is there. PLEASE NOTE: Occupying a home beyond the check-out time will result in additional rent due from guest equivalent to one days rent for each hour, or pro-ration thereof, of occupancy beyond the check-out-time, time being of the essence. Please be sure to return keys to At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC upon departure. Failure to return keys to At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC by 11 a.m. on the day of departure will result in a $25.00 charge to guest as a replacement key will be ordered at that time.

Keeping It Clean: You will be enjoying your vacation in a home cherished by its owners. While in your care, please treat of the home as though it were your own. The property owner has made arrangements to assure that your vacation home is clean and ready for you upon arrival. Please notify us promptly if, in the unlikely event you find this not to be the case. Please note that excess cleaning fee’s will be the guests responsibility. These fees can be avoided by assuring that:

  • All Food and Trash are properly bagged, removed from the home and deposited in the designated trash bin(s).
  • Be sure to keep all trash barrels/bins tightly sealed. There can be critters out there who have not yet learned to clean up after themselves.
  • The Refrigerator, Stove, Oven and other appliances are wiped clean and free of grease and crumbs.
  • All Dishes are washed, dried and placed in original cabinetry/shelf locations. Please do not leave dishes in the dishwasher.
  • The yard is left clean and free of any debris, including cigarette butts.
  • The home is left broom clean and organized as you found it.

Pets: Not all properties are “Pet Friendly”. Some homeowners allow pets while others do not. Pets of any kind are specifically not allowed unless the property owner has provided written consent that a Pet(s) may be kept on the premises during your stay. Search for the “Pet Friendly" units or  simply give us a call and we can discuss finding you some pet friendly homes for consideration.

Guests or their visitors found in violation of pet restriction policies will render the Guest in violation/default of their lease and may be asked to vacate the premises. If it is agreed that a pet may be brought on the premises, there is typically a “Pet Fee”. Your lease agreement will govern these terms. In any case, pets must be collared and leashed at all times while outside of the home and never left unattended.

Occupancy Regulations: Please adhere to the maximum person limites as provided for in your lease agreement and on your reservation confirmation. Please note that if it is determined that the overnight ( 8p.m. to 8 a.m. ) guest limit has been exceeded, at any point in time, the guest will be considered in default of their lease and may be asked to vacate the premises.

Gatherings/Guests: We ask that you be mindful of your neighbors while you’re on vacation. Sound travels easily, especially over open water. Please be mindful of the property limits/capacities as it relates to septic system capacities and parking capabilities. No large gatherings in excess of the allowed occupancy limit are permitted during daytime hours without the consent of At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC. Some of our homes are located within subdivisions or associations where there may be rules and policies that must be adhered to in conjunction with your lease of a home within that subdivision or association. For example, beach parking may have limitations or require permitting.

At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC will provide you with documentation where needed and applicable.

Subletting: Subletting is not permitted under any circumstances. Subletting of the premises shall void the lease agreement.

Property Amenities: We represent many private home owners offering a broad range of properties from luxury homes to the most modest of cottages on and by the lake(s). Those with telephones are usually limited to local calls only. Therefore it is highly recommended that you have a cell phone during your stay. Nearly all properties now have either cable or satellite television. An increasing number offer broadband services. All amenities that a property has to offer will be indicated on the property listing sheet including such items as outdoor grills. If the listing sheet does not indicate that the property has a specific amenity, please do not assume that it has it. Please ask your reservationist.

All of our properties have kitchens that will provide you with the essentials needed in order to prepare everyday meals. Coffee makers and other small appliances are generally provided. Again, please rely upon the property listing sheet for these details.

Needed Items: Paper products, soaps, linens and towels are not provided. If you would like to rent sheets and towels,please contact your reseravationist.

Guest Services: Our office is open 7 days a week. Our summer hours arer from 9 am until 5 pm, except on Saturday when the office is open until 6 pm. Our winter hours are 10am to 4pm. To better assure that any post check-in needs are cared for, one of our reservationists is always on call until 9 p.m. on Saturday evening. (603-253-9871). If there is an emergency please dial 911.

The homeowner has agreed to pay for any necessary service calls that may be needed during the term of your stay. However, any service calls made that are the result of guest abuse/misuse of the property shall be billable to the guest.

Inspections: We inspect all of our properties to make sure that they are priced competitively for the features and location offered and to assure that they are well maintained throughout our vacation season. We strive to make sure that the properties we represent offer the best value possible to vacationers in the Lakes Region. Regardless of these continued efforts, we strongly encourage all to take advantage of the 7 day right to inspect allowed by our booking policy. We provide this window to allow you to inspect your vacation home, or have someone inspect it on your behalf. What one considers a cute and cozy rustic cabin in the woods may be considered remote and insufficient by another. Beaches vary in size, shape and lake bottom texture. Due to the fact that our lake levels periodically change, water depths at the docks end can change. The amount of exposed beach can also change. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to make sure that the property is well suited for your intended use and expectations.

General Provisions: Some owners have fire pits or bowls and are required by law to have a fire permit displayed at the property. If a property does not have one of these items you may not bring your own onto the property. Only the property owner can obtain fire permits. No tents, trailers, motorhomes or campers of any type are permitted on any of our properties at any time. At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC shall not be held responsible for noise generated by any construction project underway either adjacent to or nearby any property that we represent. Such projects are entirely beyond our control and can begin and/or end at any point in time.

Water: Many of our properties draw their water from the lake and bottled water is required for consumption. This information is on the listing sheet for each individual property requiring bottled water.

Agency Representation: At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC represents the property owner in the leasing/rental of their home. Our mission is to successfully join homeowners and vacationers together in reaching their respective goals. At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC is not a property management company. Rather, it is a rental booking agency helping homeowners match their property with a guest whose vacation rental needs are best met by bringing the two parties together.

Mechanical Failures: The properties we represent are privately owned homes. Any system or mechanical item may be subject to failure or breakdown. The property owners have provided us with contact information for tradesmen that may be called upon if the need arises. At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC will make every effort to have any system or mechanical failure repaired as soon as possible as authorized by the homeowner. The ultimate decision as to whether such a system or mechanical failure renders the property reasonably “un-useable and/or uninhabitable” shall rest solely with the homeowner. At The Lake Vacation Rentals, LLC shall not be held responsible for any decision made relative to this paragraph.


Privacy Matters

The Way We Use Information: When requesting more information, we use return email addresses to answer the requests we receive. These email addresses are not used for any other purpose and are not shared with outside parties. Any other personal information you provide about yourself when requesting more information is only used to answer the request. We do not share any of your personal information with any outside parties.

When completing a reservation, we use any information you provide about yourself only to complete the reservation. We do not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your reservation. We do not share your information with any 3rd party vendors.

Should you have questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please Contact Us.





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